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Ivory Coeus

Unisex Inflatable Adult Astronaut Space Suit Costume

Unisex Inflatable Adult Astronaut Space Suit Costume

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Embark on an out-of-this-world adventure with our Unisex Inflatable Adult Astronaut Space Suit Costume. Designed for cosmic fun and imaginative play, this attention-grabbing costume lets you step into the shoes of a daring astronaut exploring the vast unknown. The easy-to-inflate design allows you to suit up quickly and get into character for your space-themed escapades. Whether you're attending a costume party, Halloween gathering, or sci-fi event, the Inflatable Adult Astronaut Space Suit Costume is sure to turn heads and spark conversations.Ignite your sense of wonder and curiosity as you venture into the universe with this captivating space suit costume. Unleash your inner astronaut and let your imagination take flight with the help of Turtle Market.

(Note: This product is intended for entertainment purposes and does not provide actual space travel capabilities.)


: Made with durable, waterproof polyester, you don’t have to worry about your costume getting ruined in the rain or from any other water substance.
EASY MOBILITY: The costume is light and easy to carry, walk, jump, run, and dance in, so you can party all night long!
EASY SET UP: This costume is easily set up in 1-2 minutes. With its detailed user manual, you can set this costume up.
EASY STORAGE: When done with your costume fun, all you have to do is remove the fan to deflate the costume. Once deflated, this astronaut can easily be folded up and stored in even the tightest of places.

Height: 5ft - 6ft
Material: Waterproof polyester

Intended use:

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